Back to school

Pickles and Rufus had a grand time on spring break! Now it is back to school for Pickles, and for Rufus, it is back to napping by Mom’s chair until they head to the bus stop for his best friend:)

Sunday afternoon

Pickles and Rufus are sleeping soundly on this beautiful Sunday morning, but this dynamic duo plans to play outside this afternoon until the sun goes down:) Have fun you two!

A vet visit

Mom took Rufus to the vet today for his yearly shots. He was a good sport and got a tasty treat for being a good boy. Soon they will meet Pickles at the bus stop and playtime will begin!

Weeding the garden

Pickles is feeling much better after missing two days of school this week. She and Mom are weeding the garden in preparation for planting their summer vegetables. Rufus is NOT allowed in the garden… so for now, he is resting in the yard with his favorite chew toy:)

Home early

Pickles had to come home from school early today because she wasn’t feeling well. Rufus and Mom picked her up and he has been by Pickles’ side ever since. Feel better soon Anastasia!

The weekend

The weekend has begun for Pickles and Rufus! Rufus is sporting his new orange collar in the doggie park with Pickles and Mom.Tomorrow the girls are cooking for a neighborhood block party that evening. As always, Rufus will be close by to take care of any spills!