Sunday sprinkles

Today’s rain showers were like Anastasia’s sprinkles so she and Rufus played outside all day! A nice rain cools off the earth and brings out lots of earthy smells. In a little while, Pickles will help Mom with dinner and Rufus will eat some dinner of his own:)

Pool day

Pickles and her best friend, Sarah, are going next door to play in Will’s pool today. Cookie, Sarah’s dog, and Rufus are invited to come over also. They will have a playdate with Will’s dog, Houston. Let the fun begin!


Pickles and Rufus are having lots of fun this summer. Their neighborhood had a Fourth of July cookout and then the Pickerings were invited to their neighbor’s house to swim. Summertime has been a blast so far for these two best friends!

A Sunday afternoon

Pickles and Mom spent the afternoon at the Farmer’s Market. Tonight they will have fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, and corn. Yum yum! Rufus spent the afternoon napping beside Dad who was reading and napping in the hammock:)

Father’s Day

Pickles and Mom are secretly making Dad a giant Father’s Day card. They will make his favorite meal on Sunday and present him with his card and a new bike!


Friday is the last day of school for Pickles. She and Rufus have a whole summer to play, play, and play some more!! Will, Pickles’ neighbor, invited her and Rufus over to swim this weekend to celebrate the first weekend of summer break!

Memorial Day

This Memorial Day will look much different than it did last year for the Pickering family. They will attend a Memorial Day tribute early in the day, and later in the afternoon, the neighborhood will have a cookout at the community playground. Doggies are allowed on the playground as long as they are on leashes.…

Hybrid classes

Pickles now attends in-person class two days a week and is doing her classwork online the other days. It has been great to see her classmates again. Rufus misses her when she is gone, but the summer is just around the corner, and he will have lots of time with his best friend!

Tug of War

Pickles did well on her spelling test today. Later this week she has a math test. After school, she and Rufus are going next door to play with Will and his dog Houston. Rufus and Houston love playing tug of war with their rope toys!