Sweet dreams

Pickles and Rufus have retired for the night. They had a great time playing over the weekend and Rufus helped Pickles study for her spelling test tonight by snoozing quietly by her side. Sweet dreams you two:)

A fun Sunday

Pickles and Rufus are sleeping soundly this morning but later today Sarah, Pickles best friend, is coming over for a playdate and bringing her dog, Cookie. A fun day is ahead!

Pumpkin pie

Pickles asked Mom if they can make a homemade pumpkin pie together. After school, they are headed to the Farmer’s Market to buy a pumpkin! Rufus always love to go along for the adventure:)

The weekend

Pickles and Rufus have big plans for the weekend. They are taking a trip to the beach on Saturday with Mom and Dad and then they are going hiking in the state park on Sunday afternoon. The weekend is almost here!