Christmas Shopping

Pickles and Mom finished their Christmas shopping this past weekend. Now it is the last week of school before the holiday break! Rufus has been snooping around the tree for his present…Christmas can’t come soon enough for him!

Weekend plans

Pickles and Mom have a big weekend of shopping planned. Rufus wants no part of shopping. He and Dad will do guy stuff at home until the girls return…then it’s back to playtime for Pickles and Rufus!

Tree trimming

The Pickering family decorated their tree this past weekend. Rufus watched from his bed…but will he behave once the presents are placed under the tree? Stay tuned!


Mom fixed Pickles favorite dish for dinner-spaghetti! Rufus quietly slipped under her chair during dinner…just in case something should accidentally drop:)


Pickles is back in school after her Thanksgiving holiday. She and Rufus had a great time with friends and family. This weekend they are decorating their tree and putting up Christmas decorations. SO much to do and it is all lots of fun!


Pickles is very excited that Thanksgiving is almost here. Nana and Papa are coming to visit and her best friend, Sarah and her parents, are coming over for Thanksgiving dinner. Rufus is always excited when people visit, no matter what the celebration may be. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!