Mother’s Day

Pickles made a lovely card for Mom for Mother’s Day, and Dad took everyone to lunch at a nice restaurant. Rufus was allowed to come too because the restaurant allowed dogs on the covered patio. Mom felt very special, and everyone had a great day!

A beautiful weekend

Pickles and Rufus are enjoying this beautiful weekend! Later today, Pickles and Mom are going to pick strawberries while Rufus and Dad head to the Farmer’s Market. Have a great Sunday everyone:)

A weekend on the farm

Pickles is spending the weekend with her friend Victoria this weekend. Victoria lives on a farm with horses, donkeys, chickens, goats, farm cats, and dogs! Rufus is allowed to come also. He is snoozing by the front door, waiting for the time he and Mom pick Pickles up at the bus stop…then the fun begins!

Saturday fun

Pickles and Rufus are playing outside on this beautiful Saturday. Soon storms will move in and playtime will move inside. For now, these two best friends are playing tug-of-war:)

A fun Sunday!

Pickles and Rufus are enjoying this unseasonably warm Sunday with her best friend Sarah and her dog Cookie. Dad will cook chicken on the grill soon and Mom is busy making a black bean and corn salad. Fun and good food make for a perfect day!

The Superbowl!

Pickles and Rufus are ready for the Superbowl! Mom is pulling for the Rams and Dad is pulling for the Bengals. Pickles is anxiously awaiting the nachos and Rufus is positioned to catch the spills. Let the game begin!

A fun day on Sunday!

It’s a brisk Sunday morning and Pickles and Rufus are still sleeping. This afternoon they are going to visit her friend Victoria for an afternoon of farm animals and marshmallows toasted over an open fire! A fun day is ahead!

Snow days

Pickles and Rufus enjoyed playing in the snow over the weekend and now it looks like it will snow again this weekend! Who knows, maybe Pickles will get out of school early again this Friday:)

Holiday break fun

Pickles and Rufus are having a great time over the holiday break. Rufus has been playing with his new toys and Pickles loves her new volleyball set. She and her neighbor Will play each day. Let the fun continue!