The weekend is here!

Pickles made a 95 on her spelling test this week and now the weekend has arrived! Her best friend Sarah and her dog Cookie are coming over to play on Saturday. Rufus will be very happy to see his best friend!

Spelling test

Pickles has a spelling test today. She had a tough time learning how to spell three of her words. Fingers crossed for a good outcome. After school, Mom will take Pickles and Rufus to the doggie park…a nice break from a tough day at school!


Rufus is waiting patiently for his best friend to get home from school. The day is a little breezy but warm enough to play outside. Pickles plans to surprise Rufus with a new tug-of-war rope! Be patient Rufus:)

Big Plans

Pickles has a dental appointment this afternoon, so Mom will pick her up a little early today. Rufus is waiting patiently at home for his best friend. He has big plans for their weekend! Wonder what they could be!?

It’s Friday!

It’s Friday! It was fun getting back into the school routine and seeing friends again, but Pickles is ready for a weekend of playtime with her best friend, Rufus! Have a great weekend everyone!

Back to school

It is back to school for Pickles today. She is excited to see her school mates and her teacher. Rufus is snoozing and dreaming of chasing the ball with his best friend:)