Hair cuts

Pickles and Mom are both getting a haircut this afternoon while Rufus waits patiently at home for his best friend to return. Then it is playtime until dinner!

Afternoon at the beach

Mom, Pickles, and Rufus are going to the beach after school this afternoon. It’s a beautiful day and a perfect one to play on the beach! Rufus loves digging a hole in the sand for a nap after playtime:)

School has begun

The school year has begun and Pickles is glad to see her friends again. Everyone wears a mask which is much easier than learning online. Rufus and Mom will meet her bus at 3:00!

The farm life

Anastasia and Rufus are spending the weekend with her friend Victoria who lives on a farm! Rufus loves their visits and finds all of the farm animals quite curious:)

Sunday afternoon

Pickles neighbor, Will, invited her and Rufus over for a cookout and pool day today. Rufus is snoozing in the shade with Houston, Will’s dog while Pickles and Will play in the pool. Everyone is having a great Sunday!

A day at the groomer

Rufus is at the groomer today for a bath and nail trim. Not being a fan of the water, Rufus always looks for a way to escape. Sorry buddy, no such luck today. You will go home a clean doggie despite your efforts!

Sunday sprinkles

Today’s rain showers were like Anastasia’s sprinkles so she and Rufus played outside all day! A nice rain cools off the earth and brings out lots of earthy smells. In a little while, Pickles will help Mom with dinner and Rufus will eat some dinner of his own:)

Pool day

Pickles and her best friend, Sarah, are going next door to play in Will’s pool today. Cookie, Sarah’s dog, and Rufus are invited to come over also. They will have a playdate with Will’s dog, Houston. Let the fun begin!


Pickles and Rufus are having lots of fun this summer. Their neighborhood had a Fourth of July cookout and then the Pickerings were invited to their neighbor’s house to swim. Summertime has been a blast so far for these two best friends!