A fun weekend!

Pickles and Rufus had a fun weekend! It was chilly and sunny… a perfect day for riding bikes and playing catch in the backyard. Anastasia is studying for her math test now and Rufus is snoozing on his bed:)

A new friend?

While Pickles and Rufus were on a walk after school, they met a new neighbor walking her dog. His name is Slim and he is a Walker Coonhound. Rufus curiously wagged his tail and Slim gave a big hound dog bark in excitement!

lovely sunny day!

The sun is out and the day is slightly cold…a perfect day for an after-school visit to the dog park! Rufus is waiting for his best friend to finish her studies and then off they will go!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Pickles made a pretty Happy Valentines Day card for her parents. She carefully painted red paint on Rufus’s paw and added it to her card! Her parents loved their homemade gift:) Happy Valentines Day everyone!

Virtual School

Anastasia has gotten used to learning from home and she loves spending her days with Rufus but she will be glad to go back to school when it is safe for everyone to return. Her grandparents received their vaccines last week and for the Pickering family, it was a joyous occasion!

Snow Day

It is a very cold Friday and it snowed yesterday! Pickles and Rufus had a lot of fun playing in the snow and then warming up by the fire. This weekend, the two best friends are going to help Dad with an inside painting job. Rufus helps by staying out of the way!

Inauguration Day

Today is inauguration day, so the Pickering family will gather to watch on TV. There are no virtual classes during the inauguration ceremony…then back to school and snooze time for Rufus.