Snow days

Pickles and Rufus enjoyed playing in the snow over the weekend and now it looks like it will snow again this weekend! Who knows, maybe Pickles will get out of school early again this Friday:)

Holiday break fun

Pickles and Rufus are having a great time over the holiday break. Rufus has been playing with his new toys and Pickles loves her new volleyball set. She and her neighbor Will play each day. Let the fun continue!

Holiday break

Pickles is excited that tomorrow is the last day of school before their holiday break begins. She and Mom will buy doggie presents for Rufus’s stocking this week. He is very curious so they have to hide them well!


Pickles and Mom decorated the family Christmas tree this past weekend. Dad and Rufus put up the outside lights. Rufus did his share by napping in the sun as Dad worked:)


Pickles and Mom will shop for Thanksgiving dinner this weekend. Nana, Papa, Mema, and Papa are all coming to visit! They didn’t come last year but this year everyone is vaccinated and ready to gather!

Fall garden

Pickles and Mom are already harvesting swiss chard from the fall garden they planted in September! Their cabbage and broccoli are still growing nicely. So far the weather has been favorable for growing their fall vegetables:)

Nana and Papa’s visit

Nana and Papa are coming to visit this weekend and Pickles can’t wait! Rufus will be excited to see them as well. They always bring him the best treats! Patience the fairy reminds Pickles to be patient and get her school work done so she has lots of time with her grandparents.

A weekend in the country

Pickles and Rufus are visiting Victoria at her farm this weekend. They get to spend two nights! The farm has dogs, cats, horses, miniature horses, goats, chickens, and a potbelly pig! Rufus is very curious but only plays with the dogs and an occasional barn cat. What a beautiful weekend to be in the country!

Hair cuts

Pickles and Mom are both getting a haircut this afternoon while Rufus waits patiently at home for his best friend to return. Then it is playtime until dinner!

Afternoon at the beach

Mom, Pickles, and Rufus are going to the beach after school this afternoon. It’s a beautiful day and a perfect one to play on the beach! Rufus loves digging a hole in the sand for a nap after playtime:)