Memorial Day

Pickles and Rufus are attending a Memorial Day Picnic this weekend with her parents.  There will also be a service to honor our fallen soldiers. The long weekend has begun.

Pool fun

Pickles and Rufus are playing next door with Will and his dog, Houston. Pickles and Will are playing in the pool while Rufus and Houston are napping under the shade tree:)

It won’t be long now

Pickles and Rufus had a fun time playing outside this past weekend. Now it is back to school for Pickles but in less than a month, school will be out for the summer! Rufus will be very excited to have his best friend around all day, every day!

Weekend plans

Pickles and Rufus have big plans for the weekend! Tomorrow, Pickles and Mom are going to plant their summer garden. They will plant tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, okra, basil, and eggplant. On Sunday, the family is going to take a drive out to the country to visit their friends who own a farm…chickens, pigs, dogs, cats,…

Strawberry shortcake

Pickles and Mom picked strawberries on Saturday while Dad and Rufus ran errands. Mom made strawberry shortcake with the fresh fruit. Yum! Now it is back to school for Pickles on this lovely Monday morning.

Nice spring day

Pickles, Rufus, and Mom are spending the rest of the afternoon at the beach on this warm and beautiful spring day. Pickles loves building sand castles and Rufus loves digging a nice hole in the sand to nap:)

Cooking out

Pickles and Rufus are enjoying this beautiful afternoon. Mom and dad are going to cook dinner on the grill and everyone is having dinner at the picnic table. Rufus always sneaks under the table just in case someone drops food:)