Pickles and Mom are getting some last minute shopping done today. They are also taking Rufus to the groomer for a B-A-T-H….shhhh. It is not wise to let him know ahead of time. He hides very well:)

A trip to the groomer

Today is the day for Rufus’s B-A-T-H. Mom, Pickles and an unaware Rufus are on their way to see Lexi, the groomer. As we all know, Rufus does not like baths! Upon their return home a treat will be on his bed. They always make the day better. Good luck girls:)

Bath time for Rufus!

The whole Pickering family kept Rufus in the dark about his visit to the dog groomer. No one said the word B-A-T-H, so Rufus did not try to make his great escape:) Now he is clean, full of his favorite treats and ready to take a long nap. zzzzzzz