Mother’s Day

Anastasia and Rufus got up early this morning to help Dad prepare Mom a nice breakfast for Mother’s Day. Pickles also gave her mom a beautiful card she made in school…and Rufus added his paw print:)¬†Wishing all of you loving moms a Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mothers Day!

Anastasia woke early this morning to give her mom the Mothers Day booklet she worked on for a week. Mom was so happy she started to cry and gave Pickles and Rufus a big hug. Rufus was quite puzzled by the tears, but Anastasia and Dad understood:) Happy Mothers Day to all our Mom friends…

Lots of Love for Mom

Pickles completed her mom’s Mothers Day card last night. It turned out to be a four page booklet with pictures, a poem and one big paw print! Lots of love went into THIS card!!